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3D Ebooks » Advanced Maya Texturing and Lighting

Advanced Maya Texturing and Lighting

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Turn the Spotlight on Your Creations with Tips from a Pro

Learn the secrets of professional animators and achieve amazing results with the detailed instruction you'll find in this new edition of Advanced Maya Texturing and Lighting.

Written by industry veteran Lee Lanier, whose texturing and lighting has been featured in such films as Mortal Kombat, Antz, and Shrek, this in-depth book focuses on advanced techniques used in real-world production environments.

You'll find extensive and updated coverage of custom shading networks, particle texturing, pelt mapping, Global Illumination, Final Gather, HDR lighting, mental ray shaders, normal mapping, and multipass rendering.

You'll also explore the latest texturing and lighting theories and trends in the animation industryกชinformation to help you improve your skills, no matter what software you use.
Free eBooks Advanced-Maya-Texturing-and-Lighting

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File size 33.09 MB

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