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Professional Android Application Development

Mobile Ebooks » Professional Android Application Development

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Offering an open development environment, Android represents an exciting new opportunity to write innovative applications for mobile devices. This book provides you with a hands-on guide to building these applications using the Android software development kit.

It takes you through a series of sample projects, each introducing new features and techniques to get the most out of Android.

You'll learn all about the basic functionality as well as discover how to utilize the advanced features with the help of concise and useful examples.

Beginning with an introduction to the Android software stack, the author examines the philosophy behind creating robust, consistent, and appealing applications for mobile phones.

You'll get the grounding and knowledge that is needed to write customized mobile applications using the current Android 1.0 SDK. Plus, you'll also gain the flexibility to quickly adapt to future enhancements in order to build the most cutting-edge solutions.

What you will learn from this book

* Best practices for Android mobile development
* An introduction to Activities, Intents, the manifest, and resources
* How to create user interfaces with layouts and custom views
* Techniques to store and share your application data
* Instructions for creating map-based applications, using location-based services including GPS, and geocoding locations
* How to create and use background Services and Notifications
* Working with the accelerometers, compass, and camera hardware
* All about phone and networking hardware such as telephony APIs, SMS, and network management
* Advanced development topics, including security, IPC, and some advanced graphics and user interface techniques

Free eBooks Professional-Android-Application-Development

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