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HTML Ebooks » Dynamic HTML The Definitive Reference

Dynamic HTML The Definitive Reference

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Packed with information on the latest web specifications and browser features, this new edition is your ultimate one-stop resource for HTML, XHTML, CSS, Document Object Model (DOM), and JavaScript development.

Here is the comprehensive reference for designers of Rich Internet Applications who need to operate in all modern browsers, including Internet Explorer 7, Firefox 2, Safari, and Opera.

With this book, you can instantly see browser support for the latest standards-based technologies, including CSS Level 3, DOM Level 3, Web Forms 2.0, XMLHttpRequest for AJAX applications, JavaScript 1.7, and many more. This new edition:

* Provides at-a-glance references for the tags, attributes, objects, properties, methods, and events of HTML, XHTML, CSS, DOM, and core JavaScript. You can quickly look up a particular feature or language term to see if it is available in desired browser brands and versions.

* Includes handy cross referencing that lets you look up an attribute (or object property, method, or event type) to find all the items that recognize it, including interrelated HTML tags, style properties, and document object model methods, properties, and events.

* Offers appendices where you can quickly locate values useful in HTML authoring and scripting.

* You'll find coverage of commands used across three browsers for user-editable content. Includes a glossary that gives you quick explanations of some of the new and potentially confusing terminology of DHTML.

Dynamic HTML: The Definitive Reference speeds the way to adding sophisticated features to your web pages.

Indispensable, complete, and succinct, this bestselling guide is the must -have compendium for all web developers involved in creating dynamic web content.
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