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Mac OS X Leopard QuickSteps

Mac Ebooks » Mac OS X Leopard QuickSteps

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Step-by-Step, Full-Color Graphics!

Get started using Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard right away--the QuickSteps way. Color screenshots and clear instructions show you how to use all the new and improved features available in this revolutionary operating system.

Follow along and learn to customize your desktop, organize and store files, use email and Web applications, and add hardware and software.

You'll also get tips for enjoying photos, music, and movies, setting up a wired or wireless network, and securing your system.

Get the book that gets you up-and- running on Mac OS X Leopard in no time.

Use these handy guideposts:

* Shortcuts for accomplishing common tasks
* Need-to-know facts in concise narrative
* Helpful reminders or alternate ways of doing things
* Bonus information related to the topic being covered
* Errors and pitfalls to avoid

Free eBooks Mac-OS-X-Leopard-QuickSteps

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File size 10.76 MB

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