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Network Ebooks » Computer and Communication Networks

Computer and Communication Networks

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As the number and variety of communication services grow, so do the challenges of designing cost-effective networks that meet the requirements of emerging technologies in wireless, sensor, and mesh networks.

Computer and Communication Networks is the first book to offer balanced coverage of all these topics using extensive case studies and examples.

This essential reference begins by providing a solid foundation in TCP/IP schemes, wireless networking, Internet applications, and network security. The author then delves into the field's analytical aspects and advanced networking protocols.

Students and researchers will find up-to-date, comprehensive coverage of fundamental and advanced networking topics, including:

* Packet-switched networks and Internet Network protocols
* Links
* LAN Protocols
* Wireless Networks
* Transport Protocols
* Applications and Management
* Network Security
* Delay Analysis
* QoS
* High speed protocols
* Voice over IP
* Optical Networks
* Multicasting Protocols
* Compression of Voice and Video
* Sensor/Mesh Networks

Network architecture books are often criticized for not offering enough practical, scenario-based information. Computer and Communication Networks provides an effective blend of theory and implementation not found in other books.
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